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1927 Bluebird school bus and the 1903 Wright Flyer

Carson Thummel

Wendell Smith

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1927 Bluebird school bus and the 1903 Wright Flyer
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22 May 2022


Humanities Project: Module Three



For this short answer project, I have chosen the 1927 Bluebird school bus and the 1903 Wright Flyer. The Bluebird was built by Albert Luce Sr. and the Wright Flyer was built by the Wright brothers. I will post links to each of these cultural works on the works cited portion. The reason I have chosen these two pieces is because it revolutionized the way we get around to this day. They were the first of their class. Obviously, the school bus was not the first automobile made but it was one of the first school buses made which we still use in today’s age to bring students and teachers to school. Now both works of art were extremely useful and had such an impact for their time. The Wright brothers created the first successful plane and first successful flight! Wilbur and Orville set the standard and foundation for where the aeronautical fields are today. For its time period, both of these works were extraordinary and were ahead of their time, more so the Wright Flyer.

What does a specific chassis maker say about the bus or car around 1927? I have chosen this question because I believe it is the most fitting for human culture. Back around 1927 the main makers of automobiles were all competing. For example, there was Ford,



Benz, and Bluebird. Now a common myth was that Henry Ford created the first car, but it was Carl Benz, today it is Mercedes Benz. People want reliable cars especially back then when it was still new. With Ford making cars faster than everyone else people would think that this would be the best maker to go to. Which is true! So going back to my question, a certain chassis maker determines how well the car is going to run and how well it was built. For example, although the Bluebird bus was created by Albert Luce Sr. the chassis maker was Ford Motor Company. Some keywords that could help you research this question could be chassis makers in 1927, automobile companies in 1927 or most reliable automobile around 1927.

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