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A Case of Failed Leadership

Please read the case study by Harbin and Humprey titled J.C. Penney and Ron Johnson: A Case of Failed Leadership: Lessons to be Learned. Use the How to approach a case study analysis in Organizational Behavior to guide your response.

In this case study you are exposed to a real-life description of leadership in the retail setting.  You will also read about a specific corporate culture as well as some reference to the marketing mix.  Our focus will be on leadership decision-making and culture, however. Therefore, as you read the case, keep in mind what you learned from chapters 12, 13 & 14 on Leadership, Power and Conflict.  Remember to discuss and connect culture, values, employee morale, and leadership concepts as you discuss the initial problem, the leadership decisions, and outcomes that ultimately negatively affected the workforce and profits.  The title of the case is …..a case of failed leadership.  So please make some recommendations, based on your new learning, that shows you have a good understanding of different leadership approaches and their effect on followers.

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A Case of Failed Leadership
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Your response should be approximately 4 – 5 pages in length. This assignment requires you to reference material from your text readings with your citations presented in accurate APA style.  Please review the Written Assignment Evaluation Rubric to determine how you will be evaluated.

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