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appeal paper

Please provide enough detail and context so that we may fully understand your situation

a. What requirements you didn’t meet. b. Why you didn’t meet the requirement(s). c. What you will do differently to ensure that you will meet ALL requirements of the scholarship if the scholarship is renewed. d. You will need to make the request to have your scholarship renewed. DO NOT assume you will be granted the scholarship back, just because you appeal. e. Any additional information or letters of support that you deem important and you want to be considered in the appeal decision.

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appeal paper
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The requirement that I didn’t meet 4 Cultural Events 4 Academic Workshops 1 Professional Development Outreach Event

I had a huge family crisis that lasted the whole entire semester which put me in a depressive state of mind. Affects me long-term on my academic performance and scholarship requirements.

My reason for this appeal My last grandmother died in January which disrupted my family My sister was diagnosed with Glaucoma and she’s slowly turning blinded hurting my mental health knowing she has 4 kids to raise. My mother went to the hospital in March due to near dead respiratory problems I had to stay by her side, march, and April.

Write a convincing appeal paper, make it the best you got. My scholarship is on the line.