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appropriate behavior for all students

PBIS/PBS is a model for a school-wide (SW-PBIS) behavior management system that teaches appropriate behavior for all students.  This 3-level model provides guidance in directing and teaching pro-social behavior to “all” students (Tier 1), “some” students who exhibit inappropriate actions (Tier 2), and “few” students who have pronounced behavior challenges (Tier 3).

Go to and watch the following videos:
1. “School-wide Positive Behavior Support: Reaching All Students” (1/2 hour)
          by George Sugai  at:

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appropriate behavior for all students
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2. “The Implementation of Behavior Instruction in the Total School” (1/2 hour)
          provided by BRIC at:

3. “Positive Unified Behavior Support: A Model of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support” (1/2 hour) 
provided by The Behavior and Reading Improvement Center of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte at:

Your response should be well-written, at least 500 words, and follow APA guidelines .- including a reference page. 
You should make references to at least THREE different resources provided within module 1 (readings, media, PPT, ect) 
You are encouraged to share additional resources.

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