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Aristotle and Plato essay

Some ideas might be very useful even if we are unable to prove them, like the belief in God. On the other hand, other ideas « may very well be true, but it is simply not beneficial for a person or society in general to believe them. I would put determinism in that category » says the songwriter Nick Cave in his newsletter to his fans. In your opinion, did Plato and Aristotle contribute to free us from determinism and make us more responsible for our actions ?

How did they view human agency or « Free Will » in the classical Greek civilization, respectively in The Republic and The Nicomachean Ethics and in relation to the problems of virtues discussed ? Finally, when you think about your life in the 21st century, does « free will » lead you to have more independence and/or better judgements ? Devote at least two paragraphs to discussing « Free Will » in The Republic and two paragraphs to discussing « Free Will » in The Nicomachean Ethics.

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Aristotle and Plato essay
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