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Benefits of the Health Insurance

This story is about a young lady aged 27 years old and is in college. She is lucky to have never been to the doctor for the last 16 years. She does not have a health insurance cover, and her worst fear is that she may not get medical help if there is an emergency (Healthcare 2013). She makes less than $20,000 a year and thinks that this money cannot afford her a health insurance cover. Also, she believes that her bills (rent and student loan payments) are already overburdening her income, and there is no way she can afford a health care insurance coverage.

She manages her sickness by having an adequate sleep or using NyQuil or Advil because seeking medical help from health facilities is out of her reach. She is afraid for lack of a health cover that would manage her needs if anything, like an accident or a serious illness, occurs (Healthcare 2013).

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Benefits of the Health Insurance
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She is desperately in need of a health insurance cover that will be supported by her little savings. She needs to have the peace of mind that will assure her that she will get quality health care services if she falls sick. Also, she needs to be secure and have her health covered by insurance packages that accommodate her needs. Lastly, she needs to have a suitable insurance cover that will not frustrate her or pile pressure on her income.

Jaime needs to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace so that she can have the following benefits. This cover provides outpatient and inpatient treatment, emergency services, pre, and postnatal care, prescription drugs, lab tests, preventive and pediatric services (Healthcare 2013). Also, it provides mental and substance abuse treatment and services and devices that help victims recover from injuries, chronic conditions, and disability. Jaime needs to visit a health care facility in her state and compare the Heath Insurance Marketplace covers available. She is not too late to enroll on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Alejandra’s Story

This is a young lady planning to join college, but she does not have a health insurance cover. She gives priorities to other issues and prefers paying huge amounts of money for unavoidable medical checkups (Healthcare 2013). Her health is not secured, and she has an uncertain future if she does not get a cover. She plans to be a health professional to improve the welfare of her people, but her health is not secured. The Health Insurance Marketplace has various solutions to ensure she manages her health needs without straining her budget.

She needs to enroll in this insurance plan so that she can have access to 22 preventive services that would be available to her at no cost. Also, she has chances of qualifying for lower costs in the Marketplace or purchasing a catastrophic health plan that is offered to people aged below 30 years (Healthcare 2013). It is easy to estimate her costs and savings by using a calculator that is available at the company’s website.

She should stop risking her life by seeking medical assistance when she has no alternative. Also, she needs to know that it is important to go for regular medical checkups, even when she is not sick (Healthcare 2013). Her dream of becoming a health professional may not be achieved if she is involved in a serious accident. Therefore, she needs to enroll in a Health Insurance Marketplace to safeguard her future.


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