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Biology of the Mind, Complex Machine in Existence Essay

Human mind is one of the most complex machines in existence; hence, it is important to understand its biology. A unique factor which distinguishes the human mind from all other forms of life is the ability to have emotional empathy and awareness of human existence. This essay focuses on the biology of the human mind, and its fundamental functions.

There lies the focal point of consciousness within the human mind, which controls and directs every segment of human physiological faculty to act in an obedient and ethical manner. Many people are interested in working of the human mind. For instance, philosophers and neuroscientists have made tremendous efforts to understand how the human mind operates; however, the attempts have yielded unsatisfactory results. Understanding the biology of human mind brings an understanding of emotional intelligence. In many situations, scholars and philosophers have asked themselves how the human mind operates, its composition, and where it starts and ends. However, some scholars believe that the mind originates from the brain. On the other hand, other scholars argue that the human mind refers to the function of the brain. However, it is vital to understand that there is a difference between the mind and the brain. The major difference is that the former is a physical organ of the body whereas the latter is mental and subjective. The other important question posed by many people, is the location of the mind. Some scientists believe that the human mind is not physical; hence, it must be non spatial. John Milton stated that human mind is its own place and in itself able to create hell of heaven, and vice versa. I agree with the sentiments put forth by Milton since thinking is the nature of every person’s mind. In most cases, human thinking causes problems in human minds.

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Biology of the Mind, Complex Machine in Existence Essay
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The human mind also has feelings and wants. In most cases, a person may act in a rational manner when encouraged in things which make sense. The key to comprehend the biology of the human mind is to understand its essential functions, the capacity for egocentrism and the capacity to become rational. I agree with the claims made by some scientists that the human thought commands the human mind though both are equally important. Therefore, understanding the biology of the human mind can assist us in taking necessary steps to empower our critical thinking ability. The basic functions of the human mind include thinking, feeling and wanting. Thinking is the most important function. Thinking refers to the portion of the human mind which figures out things. In addition, the human mind also makes a person create ideas which are used to define situations or challenges, which affect an individual’s wellbeing. Finally, human desires allocate the energy to action. This means that man is able to keep up with desirable things by understanding what is worth and what is not worth.

In conclusion, understanding the biology of the human mind is very beneficial in all aspects of human co-existence. I may define human mind as a non-spatial extent which exists between the occurrences where the properties of sensation end and where the experiences of feelings begin. Thus, in order to understand thoughts and feelings of an individual, it is important to understand the biology of the human mind.