Sallie Mae Fisher Case: Cognitive Impairment

The problem Sallie Mae Fisher is suffering from is the cognitive impairment that aggravates her initial condition. The problem is serious. Adding to Fisher’s depression due to the recent loss of her husband, cognitive impairment makes her apathetic. Her loss of appetite has led to the rapid loss of weight dangerous to her heart condition. […]

Ageing and Gerontological Nursing

The Meaning of Ageing The increased elderly population both at the national and global level has placed the aging concept at the center of public debate. To provide a clear understanding of the concept, scholars have provided distinct definitions of ageing. Hirst (2012) defined the term ageing as the loss or decline of adaptation with […]

Field of Gerontology Overview

Gerontology is the study of societal, emotional, and natural aspects of aging. It encompasses the examination of physical, mental, and social changes in individuals; the aging process, the interface of aging and related diseases, effects of aging on society, and relevance of the awareness to potential policies and programs for successful aging. The field of […]

Decreasing Frequency of Falls and Injuries Sustained

There is no use denying the fact that nowadays people have the best quality of life the world has ever seen. A great number of various scientific discoveries and new technologies lead to a significant increase in the level of comfort available to people and introduce many new possibilities for further progress. It is quite […]

Understanding the Process of Human Ageing

Ageing is a normal phenomenon since growth is an attribute that typifies the human race. This piece identifies and explains popularly held myths about ageing and aged people. Furthermore, it discusses the implications of such mythological beliefs concerning ageing on societal attitudes toward older people. Indeed, the discussion of the resultant myths is based on […]

Older Adults Fall Prevention and Reducing

Introduction Even though there is no specific medical condition that is responsible for patient falls, the health of numerous individuals often suffers from these situations. For example, Heng et al. (2020) stipulate that fall rates “typically range from 3 to 11 falls per 100 bed days” (p. 1). Approximately a quarter of these events result […]

How Historical Lenses Can Affect The Study Of A Historical Topic

How historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic.  Using the below secondary source article Malloy, S. L. (2012). ‘A very pleasant way to die’: Radiation effects and the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan. Diplomatic History, 36(3), 515–545. Retrieved from,ip,url,cpid&custid=shapiro&db=a9h&AN=74547716&site=ehost-live&scope=site Read the article, write a discussion post (150 to 200 […]

The Health-Illness Continuum

Human health is never static, and even if someone has not had diseases for a long time, even headaches or fatigue are manifestations of illness. The health-illness continuum also explains human health as an ever-changing and dynamic structure that can be improved or worsened. Nurses need to understand and remember the concept of the health-illness […]

Personal Philosophy and Major Domains of Nursing

Nursing It is rather difficult to define nursing as there are a variety of approaches to it. Thus, researchers focus on different aspects of the concepts when defining nursing. It is also noteworthy that the definition has changed throughout the decades to fit the changes that have taken place in society. At present, nursing can […]

Democratic Leadership in Nursing

Abstract Leadership is an important aspect of nursing. The effectiveness of nursing leadership depends on the style applied. Democratic leadership is a style that encourages teamwork, employee participation in decision-making, and open communication. It empowers employees to be and do the best by developing both [personally and personally. Authoritarian leadership is different from democratic leadership […]