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Cell Phone Dangers to Human Health

Cell Phone Use

According to some of the recent researches, the emergence of technology has reduced the world into a small village. I believe that people can communicate easily from one place to another through cell phones, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Information from one person to another can be passed from one person to another irrespective of time or distance. As Hales (78) observes, cell phones have become very important in our society. It is the most convenient for making communication, especially with people who are miles away from us. Apart from using cell phones for communication, they are also used for internet services. Many types of research, including that from the World Health Organization, argue that the use of cell phones pose serious impacts on human health, but I beg to disagree with this idea. We should be able to distinguish between the use of cell phones and the irresponsible use of cell phones. Every instrument has a negative effect when it is not used appropriately. This research paper aims at investigating whether the use of cell phones is dangerous to human health and makes a critique on some of the recent studies on this topic.

Cell Phone Radiation

As pointed out above, several arguments have been raised on the use of cell phone and the impact they have on human health. Many studies are carried out globally with the interest of knowing the real impacts of cell phones on health. The Agency of Research on Cancer reports that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic (Hales 56). I believe that these radiations may be the common cause of brain tumors, breast cancer, salivary gland tumor, and other cancers due to irresponsible us of cell phones. Although the World Health Organization has associated the use of cell phones to the development of cancerous cells, I believe that when used correctly, this risk may not exist. Environmentalists have also been critical on the use of cell phones.

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Cell Phone Dangers to Human Health
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According to Davis (71), environmental watch groups argue that there is a link between the use of mobile phones and the low number and quality of sperms in men. This argument is supported by the Medical University of Graz, in Austria, which claims to do a study that supports the argument. This study explains that, besides reducing the fertility rate in men, cell phone radiation has a very harmful chemical that has been related to various and complex heart problems. Other studies show that children have higher chances of developing brain cancer caused by cell phone use. This is so because of their young, weak, and still developing the nervous system. Although some of these reports are coming from credible sources, there is still a controversy on their findings. Therefore, I am still inclined to believe that the use of cell phones is not as dangerous as what some researchers want us to believe.


Amid the controversy surrounding the use of cell phones, I still believe that it is a safe gadget when used appropriately. Several groups, including the World Health Organization, which is one of the most trusted bodies in the dissemination of health issues worldwide, reports that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic. According to Hales (89), this has been scientifically proven. The argument that cell phones cause cancers may be valid, but I am concerned about the contradicting reports were given by researchers over the issue. For instance, Burgess (90) says that the explanations given by various researchers on the relationship between cell phones and cancer are not good enough to support the argument.

According to Davis (57), many theories to explain this issue have been put forward. However, none of these theories has conclusively proven how mobile phones cause cancers. The researcher points out that mobile phones were discovered in the 1980s, and since the invention, cases of cancer in various nations like the US have not changed. This is a clear indication that cancer may have nothing to do with the use of cell phones. If there were any relationship between the two, then the number of cases of cancer would be increasing on a daily basis as people have become very addicted to using mobile phones. Some people even sleep with their mobile phones under their pillows, and still, researchers have not been able to link the number of brain tumor cases to this. According to Burgess (72), “Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues of the head or neck. More research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly.” This supports my argument that cell phones are safe as long as they are used responsibly.

Some researchers argue that children are highly affected by cell phones. This may be true, but again there is no concrete research that has so far been done to prove this. It is true that cell phones may have dangerous health impacts on humans as argued. However, these impacts could be long-term and are yet to be proven. The only conclusive research about the cell phone use that I also believe in is the way it is associated with road accidents. It has been proven that the use of cell phones by drivers while driving contributes close to 30% of the road accidents that take place. It also causes accidents to the pedestrians crossing the road while using it. Cell phones can easily destruct a person, and that is why drivers and pedestrians using them may end up in an accident. This is part of the irresponsible use of a phone that I stated could be dangerous.


It is a fact that there is nothing good that lacks demerits. As many scholars argue, the use of cell phones may have dangerous impacts on human health. These effects may be long-term and would be discovered with time. The theories that have been put forward to explain the health effect of cell phones as a cause of cancer may be considered invalid because no comprehensive study has been conducted to prove this argument. I believe that a scientific argument should have scientific evidence to support it. Hence, there is a need for scientists to come up with conclusive evidence concerning the relationship between the use of cell phones and the health of its users. There also no clear information on the extent to which cell phone user may be exposed to radiation. So far, I support the argument that the use of cell phones has nothing to do with cancer until proved otherwise. Those who believe that it has a negative health impact should have convincing scientific evidence to support their theories. This would eliminate the current controversies that exist over this issue.

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