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Civil Rights Act of 1866

Below are several sources about the “Civil Rights Act of 1866,”; “History of Federal Voting Rights Laws since 1965”; and John Lewis’s final letter published in 2020, “Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of our Nation.”
Writing/Essay Assignment Instructions:

(1) READ both primary and secondary douments about the Civil Rights Act of 1866; — the History of Voting Rights laws since 1965 ; — and the John Lewis essay, “You Can Redeem the Soul of our Nation.”  As you read, try to identify any connections/continuity/discontinuity in current/recent struggles for voting equality in the United States and answer/respond to the question/prompt below.
**** In your Informed Opinion, should all U.S. citizens have equal voting access and accurate counting of their ballots? Why or Why not?

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Civil Rights Act of 1866
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****Criteria: Your response must include (1) correctly formatted ENDNOTE citations; (2) 12 inch font; (3) single spaced; (4) no less or more than 2 (two) Full Pages of Text; (5) editing/review of your work; (6) use the Openstax textbook AND sources provided ONLY; and (7) expressed in YOUR words.  *** You are advised to review correct Endnote format for the Writing Assignment/Essay, located under Learning Modules link).

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