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Conflict Resolution Paper


1. Read Finkelman (2016), Chapter 13: Improving Teamwork: Collaboration, Coordination, and Conflict Resolution, section on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, pp. 324-333.

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Conflict Resolution Paper
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2. Write a 5-7 page paper (not including the title or References pages). Follow APA format. ❗

3.Observe nurses in a care delivery setting. Identify a recurring conflict with the potential to negatively impact patient care. This should be from your practice setting or prelicensure experiences.

4.Provide details of what happened, including who was involved, what was said, where it occurred, and what was the outcome that led you to decide the conflict was unresolved.

5.Identify the type of conflict. Explain your rationale for selecting this type.

6.Summarize (in your own words) the four stages of conflict, as described in our textbook, and how they relate to your example. Do not use quotations.

7.Describe how you would collaborate with a nurse leader to reach consensus on the best strategy to deal with the conflict

8.Describe the rationale for selecting the best strategy.

9.Provide a summary or conclusion about this experience or assignment and how you may deal with conflict more effectively in the future.