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ENG 101 Research Paper Proposal Assignment

Student 1


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ENG 101 Research Paper Proposal Assignment
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Jennifer Student

Professor Carpenter

ENG 101

09 February 2020

Research Paper Proposal Assignment

Childcare will be my topic and my thesis statement will be: Parental expectations for childcare workers should be taken seriously. Obviously, parents want to and should feel assured that their children are in a safe environment. In this research paper, I will discuss that open communication is necessary in building a relationship with care givers and with this they would need to be considerate of the parent’s expectations. The environment or facility in which the children are cared for at should be clean and safe. Parent’s would want to make sure background checks are completed. Childcare worker’s need to be knowledgeable in age appropriate learning tools and toys. They would also need to be reliable, giving the parent’s advance notice if there will be a replacement childcare worker. Making sure the parents can meet them if possible. Another very important item to make sure the childcare worker has is a compassionate nature to help the children feel accepted with who they are and to encourage them to do more by guiding them with kindness.

I feel like the research that I will need to do will be to read articles about childcare facilities and what they require of their workers. I will also look up articles about what a parent’s expectations are for childcare facilities

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