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Ethics, Empathy, and Leadership

As you know, business people are busy.  Often, our job is to write messages that are highly readable and accessible, so that our readers can understand our messages as quickly and easily as possible.

In this exercise, you will work to edit a piece of writing to make it easier for fast reading.  Your challenge:  Reduce this message by at least 50% while still conveying the meaning.  Then copy and paste your version into a discussion forum post.

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Ethics, Empathy, and Leadership
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Reduce this message: 50% Editing Activity.docx Download 50% Editing Activity.docx

It will help to:

Vary sentence length
Keep paragraphs short (125 words or fewer)
Focus on one concept per paragraph
Place key ideas at the beginning
Use lists, headings and subheadings for fast reading.
Eliminate redundant words and phrases