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events from the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation

This project requires you to research a minimum of 15 noteworthy events from the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation and do the following:

Identify and notate the date (or a span of time) that each event occurred.
Write down a brief summary of each event.
What occurred? Why is the event significant?
Using the events/dates you generated, plot all 15 events on your timeline.

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events from the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation
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Your timeline needs to include the following information (a minimum of 15 total events):

Innovations in art
Include artworks by famous Renaissance artists (e.g., Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo).
Innovations in science
Include discoveries by famous scientists (e.g., Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler).
Innovations in literacy
Include the invention of the printing press and translations of the Bible.
Events of the Protestant Reformation
Include events of notable Protestant Reformers (e.g., Martin Luther, John Calvin, King Henry VIII)
Counter-reformation (e.g., Council of Trent)
Discovery of the Americas
A list of five sources must be included with your project.


You will need 15 events from innovations in art and literacy in the Renaissance, events of the Reformation, events of the Counter-Reformation, and events of Age of Discovery / Discovery of the Americas (you can add more if you like). You will add an approximate date (year is fine), and a summary of the event and its significance.


Pretend that I, as your reader, don’t know anything about these events and so you have to be very specific to inform me about these events.

Some examples you might choose are Martin Luther and the 95 Theses, The Council of Trent, Henry VIII and the beginning of the Church of England (Anglican Church), the development of Gutenberg’s printing press, and the discovery of the Americas.

Make sure to have at least 5 citations in MLA format. Use or to help you cite them.

They should look like this – Editors. “Renaissance.”, A&E Television Networks, 4 Apr. 2018,