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Fertility-Reduction Program in Bangladesh Essay

In the 1970s, Bangladesh was a poor country with a high birth rate. The government introduced a new program aimed at addressing this issue by educating more women about the importance of low fertility. The employment of Family Welfare Assistants (FWAs) made the project successful. This discussion gives a detailed SWOT (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats) analysis of the implemented program.


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Fertility-Reduction Program in Bangladesh Essay
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  • The project was designed in such a way that it resolved a real concern affecting many citizens
  • The managers employed the use of Family Welfare Assistants (FWAs)
  • A well-managed distribution system was implemented throughout the program period
  • Around 4,000 clinics supported the initiative (“Reducing fertility,”n.d.).
  • Information and training centers were launched to educate more people about the dangers of the existing cultural practices

  • Lack of adequate resources to meet the needs of outreach workers
  • The established model was not supported using competent health and family planning professionals
  • The number of clinics and centers remained low
  • The program failed to offer adequate information regarding the issue of low fertility

  • The number of people receiving secondary education in Bangladesh has been on the rise
  • Many individuals in this country can now read and write
  • The government continues to offer financial support
  • It also partners with outreach workers
  • The current changes in cultural behaviors and attitudes regarding the optimal size of a family will support such efforts

  • There is increased cost maintaining FWAs
  • The level of education attainment is still low
  • Many women are underprivileged in their respective societies
  • There are cultural trends and barriers that affect decision-making processes (Starbird, Norton, & Marcus, 2016).
  • Contraceptives are known to cause some deaths in this country


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