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Foundations of Emergency Management

There are a few important rules to observe during the Group Discussion process: 1) no profanity or offensive language; 2) no personal attacks, and 3) be courteous and professional when you respond to one of your classmates – part of the education process involves disagreeing without being disagreeable, which is not synonymous with disrespect. However, if I read something that I don’t think is appropriate, then I will immediately remove it from the forum.


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Foundations of Emergency Management
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The following are the four (4) grade ingredients for each Group Discussion throughout the Semester:


First, choose a topic, conduct research, and write at least three (3) good paragraphs in your response.


Second, always include your personal perspective and comment on the subject matter of the topic you have chosen to discuss. Do not merely define the topic/subject matter.


Third, always be sure to cite a legitimate reference source related to your research findings – it’s ok to submit a direct quote but be sure to cite the reference in a formal APA (7th edition) bibliography format at the end of the assignment. The course textbook Introduction to Emergency Management (Haddow, 2020 / 7th edition), is acceptable as a reference, as you bought it and should use it accordingly. Again, however, be sure to cite other relevant sources. Do not simply cut/paste information, nor ever use Wikipedia, or you will reap what you sow!


Chapter 6 > The Disciplines of Emergency Management Response


What are the strengths and weaknesses of the National Response Framework (NRF)? Would disaster response be more efficient if the federal government had the authority to assume power over any disaster response, regardless of the ability of local response agencies? Why or why not?

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