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Free Essay On How Do You See Yourself Contributing To The Nursing Profession

It has been observed that every nurse contributes to their vocation. During my internship in the LPN program, I spent more time as a licensed practical nurse interacting with patients and their families. I have witnessed numerous patients improve as a result of the treatment they have received, and this has motivated me to continue my education and become a Registered Nurse. As an LPN, I have always desired to contribute to the improvement of patients, which is the profession’s top goal.

I recognized that my obligation and objective in this profession are to enhance the health of patients and to take the necessary precautions to prevent the disease of caregivers. In addition to this, one of my primary objectives as an LPN was to assist patients in managing with their disease and to restore their health. In addition, during my LPN internship program, I have acquired the majority of the skills necessary for the appropriate treatment and care of patients. I learnt how to become a caretaker, educator, collaborator, advocate, counselor, consultant, and manager so that I may affect a positive impact in the patients’ health. In addition, I feel that patient support and education about the care plan are vital for an effective therapy, and by having strong communication and listening skills, I can educate and support patients more effectively.

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Free Essay On How Do You See Yourself Contributing To The Nursing Profession
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Aside from this, I am an extremely dedicated individual who views effort as the only path to achievement. In addition, I have learned how to embrace and perform my responsibilities as a member of the health care sector. The primary tasks of this profession include maintaining the health of patients and preventing illness, disability, and disease in order to enhance the quality of life for persons. As stated previously, as an LPN I have the chance to spend more time with patients and their families than doctors and registered nurses. In this way, I have gained the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide emotional support to patients and to respond to their various requirements. In addition, I have learnt how to construct care plans for individuals suffering from various ailments. In addition to planning capabilities, I have excellent implementation and evaluation skills and the ability to oversee the nursing assistants’ effectiveness in providing patient care.

As a professional LPN, I never violate the ethical code of practice in my interactions with patients and coworkers. No one can deny that teamwork between registered nurses, LPNs, doctors, physicians, healthcare assistants, and other volunteers is essential for providing patients with timely and effective care. In this sense, I have good teamwork and collaboration abilities that enable me to discover answers to any problem with the assistance of my teammates. Moreover, multitasking is one of my abilities that allows me to provide patients with effective care. In addition, I possess good technical abilities that allow me to maintain and comprehend the patients’ computerized medical records. Lastly, I have learnt how to manage issues and work in teams in stressful conditions, which will be beneficial for my future practice. It can be concluded that I have learned to be a good nurse, and that all good nurses contribute to their profession.