Most Frequently asked Homework Help Questions.

Why do you feel assignment help is appropriate?

The answer to this question is dependent on the nature of the job. If the assignment consists solely of nightly math homework, then the help is acceptable, as it is designed to aid the student in learning the math subject. Most likely, the math homework is not evaluated. The purpose of math homework is to prepare you for an upcoming quiz or test, and it is the quiz/test grade that counts. On a mathematics test (or any test), it is probably administered in class under supervision. 

What are the chances of getting law assignment help online?


There are various online services that can aid you with your law homework, but HomeworkHelp247 provides the best online law homework help. The objective is to bring out the best in everyone. Here are the reasons why HomeworkHelp247 is the best law assignment help:

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Is Homework Beneficial?

Homework increases academic performance.

According to studies, homework improves student accomplishment in terms of improved grades, test scores, and the likelihood of attending college. According to research published in the High School Journal, students who reported spending between 31 and 90 minutes per day on homework “scored almost 40 points higher on the SAT-Mathematics subtest than their counterparts who reported spending no time on homework per day on average”. The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) found that increased homework led to higher GPAs and a greater likelihood of high school guys attending college. In fact, high school homework for college-bound boys increased by more than three hours per week.  The purpose of homework is to reinforce classroom learning and cultivate healthy study habits and life skills.

Typically, students recall only 50 percent of the knowledge presented in class, and they must apply it in order to properly comprehend it. The co-founders of Teachers Who Tutor NYC, Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer noted, “At-home assignments help students learn the class material. Students must engage in autonomous practice in order to assimilate new concepts... [And] these projects can offer teachers with useful information regarding students’ curriculum comprehension.”

According to research conducted by the City University of New York, “students who engage in self-regulatory processes while completing homework,” such as goal-setting, time management, and staying focused, “tend to be more motivated and higher achievers than those who do not use these processes.” 


Students in elementary school who were taught “tools to organize and complete homework,” such as prioritizing homework activities, collecting study materials, taking notes, and following directions, received higher marks and more positive report card comments. 


In addition, homework helps kids acquire lifelong skills such as responsibility, autonomy, discipline, time management, self-direction, critical thinking, and independent problem-solving. According to Freireich and Platzer, “homework helps students develop the abilities necessary to plan, organize, and complete their assignments.” 


Too much schoolwork is detrimental

59 per cent of California high school students surveyed believed they had too much homework. Eighty-two per cent of respondents reported being “frequently or constantly pressured by schoolwork.” According to high-achieving high school kids, excessive homework causes sleep deprivation as well as headaches, tiredness, weight loss, and gastrointestinal troubles. Emmy Kang, a mental health counsellor, stated, “More than half of kids cite homework as their primary source of stress, and we all know what stress can do to the body.” 


Education and parenting expert Alfie Kohn stated, “Children should have the opportunity to be children… it is ludicrous to urge that children must be engaged in constructive tasks until they fall asleep.” 


Additionally, excessive homework might lead to cheating: 90% of middle school students and 67% of high school students admit to duplicating homework, while 43% of college students engaged in “unauthorized collaboration” on out-of-class assignments. Forty-three per cent of those surveyed admitted to having completed a child’s schoolwork for them

The homework gap or digital divide is exacerbated by homework

Financial expert Kiara Taylor defined the digital divide as “the gap between populations and regions with access to contemporary information and communications technologies and those without.” “Although the word currently incorporates the technical and financial ability to employ available technology, as well as access (or lack of access) to the Internet, the gap it refers to is continually changing as a result of technological advancement.” This is commonly referred to by students as the homework gap. One study  concluded that homework exacerbates social inequality because it “possibly acts as a tool to further advantage those kids who already enjoy some privilege in the educational system while disadvantaging those who may already be in a marginalized position.” 

How to get answers for homework online?

Getting help with homework online is quick, simple and convenient as you can get it anytime, anywhere. You are not restricted by any time limits and you can select it whenever you wish. It’s so easy to connect with a licensed teacher and settle the niggling worries and problems.

What’s more, a personalized session with an expert by your side, creates confidence in the students. So get ready to overcome your uncertainties by getting step-by-step explanations and solutions for the trickiest issues and give your grades a boost now.

How can I get homework helper at HomeworkHelp247?

Getting homework help at HomeworkHelp247is quite easy. Chat with our specialists and discuss your situation. Discuss the project with your instructor in detail and establish your budget. Our experts will present you with specific solutions to assist you to acquire conceptual clarity. You can master the trickiest questions by getting step-by-step advice from a specialist. Upgrade with the greatest assistants today!

What to do if you have a lot of homework?

When you have a lot of homework, you need to calm down and develop a strategy. Identify your trouble spots and make a note of them for future reference. Avoid procrastination and simply approach the issue by completing the easier sections first. Following that, you might review the key concepts and principles by consulting your colleagues and textbooks.

If you are still having difficulties, you can simply contact our professional and have your homework-related concerns addressed. Overcome the homework blues by requesting homework assistance online and obtaining a study boost anytime you require it.

Can you write my homework by tomorrow?

The staff at HomeworkHelp247 provides a global online platform for individualized assignment writing. Our website is particularly well-liked among students with “do my assignment online” and “do my assignment for me” inquiries who are willing to pay for online homework assistance. You have discovered a website to which you may devote your “Please assist me with my homework” inquiries. And we will endeavor to compose your assignments at the finest quality conceivable.

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In addition, you can read our regular price list prior to placing an order. Keep in mind that the price of your assignments will vary depending on the sort of paper required, as well as your discipline, academic level, amount of pages, and deadline

What is the difference between homework and assignment?

There is a fine line between homework and assignment and how they are understood globally. Typically, homework is assigned by a teacher and must be completed outside of the classroom, typically at home. Any task that is assigned by someone in a position of authority is considered an assignment.


It is typically a piece of work that a student completes during their studies. Therefore, whether it’s an assignment or homework, you can always rely on our specialists to give you 24/7 homework help from vetted professionals.

How can you obtain the best homework help and support?


The first step toward receiving the best homework help is to instil strong homework habits. At HomeworkHelp247, we have a staff of homework experts who can assist you in developing academic confidence and academic success. we offer subject-matter experts with master’s and doctoral degrees to assist you.


To get homework help, students merely need to register, type the assignment’s question, and choose a tutor. You can either participate in a whiteboard-enabled Live Study session or use our Written Help service to receive step-by-step assistance with your homework assignments. You will never miss a submission deadline when working with us.

Who was the inventor of homework?

This one is still up for debate. Numerous sources assert that an Italian schoolteacher, Roberto Nevilis, is credited with inventing ‘homework’ as a means of punishing slothful students. However, many dispute this assertion, with others claiming that German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte invented contemporary homework. However, one can reasonably conclude that homework has existed since the dawn of civilization, but because of advancements in technology, we now have access to online homework help. Whoever originated homework, HomeworkHelp247 is here to help you with your assignments at any time and from any location.


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