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Gay Men and HIV Drugs: Reversing the Epidemic

The problem of HIV and the state of health of the nation became very important issues in the modern age. The fact is that the rate of spread of this very illness increases every year and millions of people suffer from it all over the world. It could not but attract the attention of scientists who try to create the way in which one of the greatest threats of the 20th century could be eliminated. Thus, in the course of investigations they managed to achieve some progress in treating people suffering from HIV. However, the necessity of some preventative measures is also obvious as the tempos of the spread of illness should be decreased. That is why, scientists came to the revolutionary conclusion that giving healthy gay men HIV drugs could help reverse the epidemic (Gallagher para. 1).

The fact is that the medications stop new infections by killing the HIV virus before taking control in the body. This conclusion was obtained while investigating the way in which the virus develops in the unfriendly environment created with the help of HIV drugs. One can obviously take this discovery as the great success because nowadays it is possible to speak about some prevention measures invented by humanity which could stop the spread of the disease. According to statistics, the drugs, given to the most at-risk groups, could reduce the level of new infections significantly (Slick para. 5). Due to these very facts society should give more attention to risk groups as nowadays there is the remedy that could help people who belong to these groups and belong them.

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Gay Men and HIV Drugs: Reversing the Epidemic
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That is why, the scientists’ statement about the giving HIV drugs to gay men becomes clear. Gay men have more risk of contracting HIV than heterosexual men and heterosexual women. They belong to the risk group because of the peculiarities of their lifestyle (“HIV Among Gay and Bisexual Men” para.4) and that is why one should give special attention to gay men in terms of the struggle with HIV (“Three reasons gay guys are more likely to get HIV” para. 1). Having managed to introduce simple and efficient preventive measures, society will obtain the possibility to control the spread of HIV and save millions of life (“HIV prevention programmes” para. 2). With this in mind, it is possible to say that the work with the risk groups should never be stopped for people who belong to them realize the great importance and threat of HIV (“The epidemiology of HIV in gay men and other men who have sex with men” para.7) and contribute to the development of the efficient tool to fight with this disease.


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