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Week 7 Discussion

·  Post your responses over three days and respond to four or more students to receive full credit for frequency of participation.

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· Write clearly and proofread; errors can lose you points.

· Quality of posts, citations, frequency, and timeliness of posts all factor into your discussion grade. See the Participation Grading Rubric for details.


My example of greenwashing would be McDonald’s claim back in 2019 when they introduced paper straws. These paper straws were perceived as recyclable but in reality these straws were not recyclable. This constitutes as greenwashing because they are trying to make the public believe that their straws are environmental friendly when in reality it does more harm than good to the environment. If I were the CEO, I would not have authorized this ad because of the potential lawsuits this could leave the company in. Not only that but it is a complete false claim that should have never reached the public. Instead, I would have invested in actual environmental friendly straws that would actually aid in protecting the Earth. Furthermore, utilizing the rights-based model would aid in not only my but the employees working in the company in understanding the purpose of going green and why it is vital for the environment so that we do not continue and potentially permanently harm the Earth with out non-green products, (Gibson, pg. 207, 2007).

Gibson, K. (2007, July 19). Ethics and business: An introduction. Google Books. Retrieved June 28, 2022, from


Windex the cleaning brand has been known to have an add involving greenwashing. The ad for windex claimed the bottles were made from 100% ocean plastic when they were not. The article says the plastic used was never in the ocean in the first place. This constitutes green washing because it leads people to believe they are helping when in fact they are not. If I was the CEO, I would not have authorized this add due to the misleading and the upsets it may cause the customers who want to help the earth in recycling.



Find your own example of greenwashing and post it.

An example of greenwashing that I have found was one of my favorite clothing store. Zara is a clothing store that provides clothing for both men and women and children. Zara come out with new brands often and people seem to enjoy buying all their stylish looks.  

why you think it constitutes greenwashing.

I believe that it constitutes as greenwashing because Zara has made a promise to its customers that it will transition to 

· 100% of their cotton will be recycled

· 100% their viscose and wood-based fibers will be sourced from responsibly-managed forests

· All synthetic fibers will be 100% recycled

With all this being said, they haven’t taken much action on certain ones. For example, they still continue to use virgin synthetics and conventional viscose/cotton. The products take a very long time to decompose, so they haven’t taken any action in correcting this.

If you were the CEO, would you have authorized the ad you chose?

It would chose an add that supports a true claim, I would not lie to my customer because this builds a bad reputation meaning a loss of loyal customers. A business must be able to communicate truthfully with their customers. A perfect example of why it is wrong is when Edwards states, “a Singapore-based nonprofit backed by big oil and chemical companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, and Dow – claims to be spending $1.5 billion to clean up plastic waste in developing countries. Despite this supposed goal, AEPW not only failed to honor its promise to clean up the Ganges River in India, but its member organizations went forward with plans to produce even more plastic” (para# 10)

Edwards, C. (n.d.).  What is greenwashing, and how do you spot it? Business News Daily.

Lily. (2022, July 2).  Is Zara Ethical or sustainable? + alternative brands. imperfect idealist – travel & running blog.


· Find your own example of greenwashing and post it.

· Explain why you think it constitutes greenwashing.

· If you were the CEO, would you have authorized the ad you chose?

· Why or why not?

Greenwashing is defined as when organizations spend funds to seem as environmentally friendly but do the bare minimum to minimize its environmental impact (Edwards, 2022). A company who seems to be using greenwashing is Coca-Cola. Company is false advertising to be sustainable and environmentally friendly but in all reality is not (Joe, 2021). In fact, since 2019 Coca-Cola has been one of the 4 companies that produce the most plastic in the world. Other 3 are Nestle, Mars and Danone. Coca-Cola produced over 3 million tons of plastic during 2019 (Ivanova, 2019).

If I was the CEO of Coca-Cola I would have authorized the use of this ad. Since Coca-Cola is the world’s largest plastic producer, as the CEO I would like to change that narrative in order to see the company it’s doing their due diligence to reduce the plastic production.




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