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Groupthink Analyzed

In a well-developed academic essay of approximately 3 – 4 pages, closely examine the event you selected for the discussion on groupthink.  Using material from your text readings, not only about groupthink itself, but on personality, values, and motivation, explain why this is a significant example of groupthink.  Support your observations carefully and assess the behaviors of group members that proves this is an example of groupthink.  You should also make sure you review the behavior of the leader or relationship of leader to followers.

If you are not sure that the event you selected qualifies as groupthink, just email me your selection and we can discuss it.

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Groupthink Analyzed
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This assignment requires you to reference material from your text readings with your citations presented in accurate APA style.  Please review the Written Assignment Evaluation Rubric to determine how you will be evaluated.

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