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Health Empowerment Research Paper

Article Title

Health empowerment among immigrant women in transnational marriages in Taiwan

Brief Description of Method Employed

The authors used a participatory action research as the key research method and focused on gathering qualitative information that will help them to answer the research question. To obtain the necessary information, Yang et al. (2015) conducted interviews with the participants of the study and used participatory observations. Thus, a profound and insightful view on the subject matter was developed. 87 women were recruited to participate in the study, while 68 completed the workshops, the results of which were analyzed afterward. Thematic analysis was used to scrutinize the information presented in the study.

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Health Empowerment Research Paper
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Data Collection Tasks Study 2: Health empowerment among immigrant women in transnational marriages in Taiwan. Comments
Key criteria selection
  • Being a married migrant from one of the following states: “Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, or Cambodia” (Yang et al., 2015, p. 137);
  • Having a Taiwanese husband;
  • Being fluent in Taiwanese or Mandarin;
  • Desire to participate in the research.
The women who participated in the study were invited as a part of a health improvement program.
Selecting a sample Out of 87 participants, 68 were selected to take part in the research. The specified sample allowed representing the target population fully.
Conducting interviews with the participants and observing them Interviews helped locate crucial background information, whereas observations allowed locating patterns in the participants’ behaviors. The specified stage contributed to arranging the data and distinguishing between important and less important information.
Identifying themes and trends The authors explored the most common themes in the participants’ responses. Among the key themes, health literacy, the significance of social networks, self-worth, and psychological resilience were identified.
Outlining the themes and connecting them to the study variables The final stage of data collection involved determining the connection between the themes and the participants’ health. The outcomes of the research can be used to construct an improved health literacy program for the target demographic.


The article by Yang et al. (2015) has provided a range of important insights into the problem of health management among immigrant women living in Taiwan. The study has prompted the need to educate the specified population to make it less vulnerable to external factors such as the presence of psychological pressure. The research exemplifies an appropriate use of the available research methods in the selected setting.


Yang, Y. M., Wang, H. H., Lee, F. H., Lin, M. L., & Lin, P. C. (2015). Health empowerment among immigrant women in transnational marriages in Taiwan. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 47(2), 135-142.