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Health Informatics Discussion Paper


In at least 600 words:

Identify  2 definitions of Health Informatics and compare them. Discuss 2 similarities and 2 differences.

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Health Informatics Discussion Paper
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Identify 3 sub-disciplines within the broader context of health informatics and explain a historical fact about each.

Describe 3 other interesting historical facts about the discipline of Health Informatics that were not covered in your readings.

Now that you have been introduced to health informatics, what do you believe the health informatics priorities will be 5 years from now? You may frame this discussion from the perspective of policy/regulation, education/ training, or research priorities.

All discussion posts in this course should be scholarly. Be sure to cite authors in your narratives and include a bibliography. Please cite the authors and resources in alignment with APA style.  Your discussions and other course assignments should be supported with more than just the textbook content and materials provided in the course.  Please utilize the UC library to find scholarly articles to research.  You may access the UC library at:

Grading criteria:

Writing quality – (points deducted if more than 5 errors are noted) – 5 points
Citing correctly and completely – 2 points
2 definitions – 2 points
Similarities and differences described – 4 points

We are using this Book “Health Informatics, An interprofessional Approach Second Edition
3 sub-disciplines – 3 points
3 historical facts – 3 points
Health informatics future predicted– 5 points