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Healthcare Organizational Effectiveness

Write a 4 to 5-page paper which discusses healthcare organizational effectiveness as it relates to the following: • Recruitment, selection and retention • Organizational Development and Training • Performance Management For each topic, you are required to select three scholarly sources from 2014 – 2019 to support your work. (Google scholar) In developing your paper, consider the following: Which recruiting sources may be most effective and why? For the healthcare environment, what specific considerations should be taken account in the recruiting process? Or, what best practices exist in attracting qualified candidates? For the healthcare environment, what specific considerations should be taken into account in the selection process? What best practices exist for ensuring the selection and retention of qualified candidates? What type of job interviews may be most effective for selecting the right candidates? Best practices for maintaining morale and motivating staff. Best practices for improving productivity among staff. Using training and training modules to identify deficiencies and best practices for remedying them. Best practices for minimizing turnover Consider how the processes involved in an organization receiving Magnet Status or the Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award. How do these processes make the organization more effective? Best practices in performance management (e.g. employee engagement, ongoing feedback and coaching). In answering all of these questions, you must think about how each of these actions or best practices result in a more effective organization. In thinking about organizational effectiveness, the focus should be quality and efficiency. Note: 4-5 sources will be acceptable. You may also use the textbook as a source.
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Healthcare Organizational Effectiveness
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