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Herbal Supplements in the Field of Modern Medicine

L.L. is a 67-year-old male who has been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and having difficulty with urination. He is currently on Cozaar 100 mg for HTN, and his BP is well controlled. He is taking no other additional medications. The doctor has recommended medication for his BPH, but he would like to try an herbal supplement before taking a prescription medication.

This decision is because many men are incredibly anxious about the medical treatment of such diseases. However, according to Reacher (2019), “…natural supplements can provide a safe and effective way to avoid or complement BHP treatment from conventional medical options” (para. 5). This paper will examine the suitability, effectiveness, and rules for using pygeum as an herbal supplement in the case of BPH.

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Herbal Supplements in the Field of Modern Medicine
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Nowadays, the status of herbal supplements as medicaments and the attitude of specialists to them vary greatly. According to Martin (2018), “supplements aren’t as closely regulated as medicines your doctor prescribes” (para. 3). Nevertheless, all the reviewed articles emphasize their proven therapeutic effect. The report authored by Wilson examines in detail the positive impact and possible negative consequences of using a pygeum extract. These studies helped to compile and systematize data on the method of application of the particular herbal supplement for BPH treatment.

HBP as One of the Actual Male Issues of Modernity

HBP is a frequent illness and often serves as a precursor to severe diseases. According to Wilson (2018), “it primarily affects men over the age of 50” (para. 5). That is why it is crucial to specify information not only about primary medicines but also about third party products. The basis of the structure of this study consists of several questions ranging from the appropriateness of herbal supplements and ending with the dosage and conditions of use. The method of collecting and analyzing information from various related sources was used when writing this work. The medical data on L. L. served as the framework of the study because his situation represents the standard case of BPH.

Pygeum Supplement as BHP treatment Means

Pygeum is a natural and often prescribed method of relieving symptoms and treating BPH. Also, this supplement is suitable for the situation of L.L, mainly due to its positive effect on the urination system. The standard daily dosage of pygeum extract reaches up to two hundred milligrams (Wilson, 2018). All possible adverse side effects of pygeum are associated with basic digestive disorders, such as sickness and diarrhea (Wilson, 2018).

Pygeum extract should not be used by patients with a weak stomach or chronic diseases of the digestive system. Before starting a course of the herbal supplements, it is worth checking for allergies to the pygeum. Also, L.L. should purchase this supplement only from trusted legal representatives. Pygeum extract is suitable for adult men with BPH of various age groups in general and L. L. in particular. These findings will help many people to choose the right herbal supplement in a short time.


This study considers pigeon extract as the most effective and suitable herbal supplement for BPH cases. Articles on natural herbal supplements by Reacher, Martin, and Wilson served as sources of information for the study. The subsequent analysis of data on pygeum, its role in the field of drugs, and the effect on BPH highlighted key points of the correct extract application. This information may help current patients and novice doctors to choose the appropriate treatment method. Similar studies of other types of therapeutic herbal supplements will also help to quickly and massively cure BPH and other male ailments.