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How Science Biology Might Help Alleviate Human Suffering Essay

Biology can be defined as a science of living organisms and processes that occur affect them. It has two branches, which are botany and zoology. The application of biological sciences, help address problems that human beings encounter in their daily lives. This essay evaluates the value of biology in alleviating human suffering, experienced across the entire universe. The essay will revolve around the practice of biology in addressing issues of overpopulation, global warming, global security and personal integrity.

Human processes are biological in nature, therefore it is important to understand the usefulness of the science. The Planet is facing the danger of overpopulation; proper scientific research can redirect the course of events. Food insufficiency, diseases, wars and scarce resources are some of the devastating situations affecting the world today. Large populations worsen these situations even further. Large populations require vast resources, which the planet cannot satisfy. There is a need to have manageable numbers of people across all geographical boundaries. The best place to start this process is the family unit. Biology can be used in the family planning programs. It is important to understand the body and control the functions of the reproductive system and coming up with drugs that can inhibit reproduction in a safe manner. (Griffiths 150).

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How Science Biology Might Help Alleviate Human Suffering Essay
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Since biology involves the study of organisms and their structures, function, growth, origin and evolution. It can be applied to researches that will increase food production and improve the ecosystems around us. Biotechnology has been used in various fields to improve quality of human life. Biotechnology incorporates biology with technology, leading to specialized innovations that improve productivity. Science is used to improve the longevity of living organisms, by providing long term solutions to different problems. Organic foods, alternative means of energy are some of the scientific processes that have impacted the world in a positive way (Griffiths 155).

Microbiology involves the study of micro-organisms; such organisms may include bacteria, viruses and fungi; which end up affecting the human health. Large populations are prone to disease outbreaks. Communicable diseases like Cholera, Tuberculosis, and typhoid are some of the diseases that are common in densely populated areas. Microbiological studies help understand the nature of the diseases and provide developmental guidelines for production of cures of unknown diseases. Some of the diseases that microbiology is undertaking include the avian flu, H1N1 virus and the Ebola virus. These viruses are a threat to mankind, thus understanding them is of high priority.

Application of science biology can also help in dealing with the problem of global warming, which in the long run helps alleviate impending disasters. Understanding global warming, this is the fluctuation and rise in the level of temperatures, in the ice-covered areas of the arctic and Antarctic regions. Global warming is caused by man’s activity. The exploitative nature of the human has depleted the ozone layers to catastrophic levels. Biologists and other scientists are working to find ways to reverse the problem before it is too late to salvage. Understanding the dynamism of the environment will help reduce the effect of global warming.

Biological methods can also be used to produce crops and food that are resistant to the conditions necessitated by global warming. That is, to come up with crops that are ‘conscious to situation’ of global warming and thus improve food productivity and food security for a long time. This in the long run, improves the living standards.

Application of biology can also have a great influence on global security and personal integrity. Global security is a concern of all human beings, as nations seek to outdo each other in the production of biological weapons. Radical governments, like Iran are enriching their nuclear power as a form of retaliation to the western powers, especially the United States. This radical move threatens the very existence of the human race; as such weapons can cause irreparable damage to the planet. The aftermath of a nuclear weapon’s destruction will render some large areas of the planet inhabitable for centuries. It is import to note that, biology can be used for both good and evil. It can improve or destroy life (Artsch 252). Counter-terrorist agencies use biologists to find solutions to potential threats, before they happen. All nations should endeavor to protect their citizens, however that does not warrant the use of biological agents against other innocent civilians.

Proper understanding of agents in bioterrorism and their dynamics can lead to formulation of measures to mitigate their effects; and understanding the effects of bioterrorism, antidotes can be manufactured. Hiroshima and Nagasaki should act as reminders, whenever nations think of exploring the nuclear path. The atomic explosions in 1945, created a huge loss for Japan. There was massive loss of life and property, and the economy was negatively affected for decades (Lederberg 230).

Through the mentioned contexts, we can justify the application of biology in the daily activities of our lives and we can greatly shape the world around us to secure our future. This provides strong backing that biology can be vital towards sustaining human existence.

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