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International Trade

Tariffs and quotas are a hot topic. For this paper, you will research tariff on tires and steel and aluminum. The paper should be a minimum of 500 words, MLA or APA style and use at least three outside sources. Two sources to start:

Peterson Institute

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International Trade
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Trade Partnership


    Compare the short term impact and long term impact on jobs based on steel and aluminum tariffs?

      What impact has the tire tariff have on the economy overall?

      In your opinion, is the tariff effective in changing the economic performance of a country? (Support your answer)

All papers submitted must be in Microsoft Docs and in MLA or APA format. All papers submitted must have a similarity of 24% or lower. If not, please revise and resubmit prior to the due date.

Papers submitted without a name must revise to a proper format with your name included, please resubmit prior to the due date to receive credit. If not, you will receive a zero.  Any papers that do not follow the guidelines and resubmit after the due date will receive the grade you earned based on the preceding instructions.