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Lamb to slaughter

Write a 2-3 page essay (typed, double-spaced) that makes a claim about how the author uses literary elements & techniques to convey a complex theme. Your writing should include the following:
❏ INTRODUCTION: TAG, a brief description of the subject of the story, brief introduction to the author’s style of writing, and a theme statement.
❏ BODY: several paragraphs of analysis, analyzing how the author develops the theme throughout
❏ each paragraph should have a topic sentence – what will be the point of this paragraph?
❏ each paragraph should have quotes from the text, woven throughout your commentary
❏ consider setting, characterization, language use (diction/imagery/symbolism), & irony
❏ weave at least two connections with Foster into the essay (can quote from HTRLLAP)
❏ BRIEF CONCLUSION: What is unique and impactful about this story? What ideas/feelings does this story evoke? What powerful idea does the story leave us?

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Lamb to slaughter
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