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Leadership Theories in Practice Assignment

Review the leadership theories on pages 9-11 (attachment) and Gardner’s Tasks of Leading/Managing on pages 14-15 (attachment) in Leading and Managing in Nursing.


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Leadership Theories in Practice Assignment
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Complete the table (attachment)

1) Summarize the main points of the theory in your own words in the Summary Definition column.

2) Provide an example where you witnessed the theory in practice or suggest a situation where it could be applicable in the Practice Example column. Do not restate the Application to Practice column in the textbook; provide a unique example or suggest a possible scenario.

3) Correlate at least one of Gardner’s task to the theory and practice example in the last column.

4) Use at least five in-text citations in the table to support your summaries, practice examples, or application of Gardner’s Tasks. In the References section below the table, create an APA-formatted list to cite each resource. ***References must be within the last five years***