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Letter of Appeal to the Dean’s Office of the Medical School

I am writing this letter with deep regret for the position I placed at the ACM through my unprofessional behavior on social media. Before this letter, I had expressed my sincere apology to the disciplinary committee for the indecent behavior of using the social site to propagate falsehood and defame the good name of the school. I am very remorseful and would wish to confirm that my intentions were not to undermine ACM’s integrity as a center of academic and leadership excellence.

Sincerely, it was a joke and does not reflect on the good demeanor that has been inculcated in me by the school. Therefore, the incident does not serve as a good judgment of my character. Upon self reexamination, I changed the description of the event and eventually canceled it on realizing the damages it had caused. I admit that I displayed a lack of consideration for others and personal character by dragging the name of ACM in my private event. I am always very proud to be a member of the ACM community as a student of medicine. The opportunity to belong to this community of scholars has changed my life and it means everything to me.

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Letter of Appeal to the Dean’s Office of the Medical School
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Therefore, I have to restate that my intentions in the invite were not to harm other students or the name of the school. The disciplinary committee’s verdict was that I lack genuine remorse for my gross misconduct. However, I must confess that I struggled to maintain utmost composure since I was overwhelmed by the guilt feeling of betraying the foundation upon which ACM stands. This was misinterpreted by the committee as a lack of genuine regret.

My background, as a native of Eastern Europe who grew up in different cultures, was responsible for my composure and calmness during the hearings. Throughout my education life, I have always strived to preserve personal integrity, sensitivity, and cultural tolerance as a well-cultured individual. Ms. Gee may confirm that I was overwhelmed with tears in her office before the hearing commenced as the reality that my past struggles to build a medical career would be ruined. To receive such a punitive verdict in my case, resulting in immediate suspension during the time of intense exam preparations is a tragic episode in the course of my life.

I have learned from my mistakes as a human being. During the entire period of hearing and now, I remain to express my apologies for the gross misconduct and unintentional use of adverse language when responding to the disciplinary committee. If I am given another opportunity at ACM, I can swear an affidavit that the unfortunate misconduct will not reoccur. Throughout my academic life, I have never appeared before any disciplinary committee for any misconduct. The humiliation I will have to undergo during the proposed psychological therapy is in itself undermining my strong personal character.

The incident was very unfortunate and I once again express my sincere remorse. I clearly understand the weight of this matter. As a consistent academic performer with good morals, I tender my humble request for consideration of the severity of the ruling de novo. The proposed suspension and psychological therapy may undermine the intentions of the disciplinary actions. I sincerely request another chance at the institution to become a well-behaved student.

Thank you for considering my appeal.