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Letter of Support

Background Info of Me;

Hi, My name is Loi Nguyen. I live in the United States of America and is a US Citizen.  My wife is Le Thi Anh Tuyet. We have 1 children together and my wife has 1 daughter who is my step daughter.
I live in Rochester NY.  54 Debby Lane

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Letter of Support
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I First met my love and wife for first time in november 2019. But  then the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic that has pre-vented both side of the family to go visit to get to see one another ( my side of the family and my wife family. And I want to sponor my mother in law to travel to USA under tourism to meet my family and reunited with her grand kids.

I currently work at the University of Rochester Flaum Eye Institute part of Strong Memorial hospital.

Please write a strong compelling argument of why my mother in law should be given an opportunity to visit America.

Please note: The person writing this letter should have a strong back ground in immigration / legal field / excellent english language written skill.

Please see enclosed attachmnent with list of other question example to make the argument compelling and strong.

My mother in law is name Thi My Truong