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Media Watch Report on the Implementation of the Healthcare Reform

This report is aimed at discussing three newspaper articles related to the implementation of the healthcare reform introduced by the Obama administration. For example, the article was written by Elizabeth Rosenthal (2015) throws light on the problem related to insurance. In particular, the writer notes that the adoption of the Affordable Care Act did increase the number of insured people, but in many cases, these individuals have to bear significant out-of-pocket expenses. Elizabeth Rosenthal (2015) does not only criticize the new reform; she also recognizes its positive sides. For instance, the author accepts the idea that this law brought some improvements to the healthcare system; in particular, this law raised the accountability standards for insurance companies (Rosenthal, 2015). It should be mentioned that Elizabeth Rosenthal’s background is related to healthcare and medicine. Thus, she is qualified enough to write about the functioning of medical institutions. This is one of the points that should be taken into account by the readers.

Additionally, one should consider the article written by Robert Pear (2015). In particular, the author discusses the taxation difficulties arising from the Affordable Care Act. The writer notes that many people are required to pay tax penalties, and the financial situation of these people can only aggravate (Pear, 2015). It should be mentioned that the writer recognizes the beneficial side of the new policy. For example, Robert Pear admits that there are many tax exemptions, but at this point, legislators have not been able to address the needs of people who have been adversely affected by the healthcare reform (Pear, 2015). It should be mentioned that the author has extensive in such areas as taxation and healthcare; thus, the writer can evaluate the policy in an informed way.

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Media Watch Report on the Implementation of the Healthcare Reform
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Additionally, it is important to discuss the article written by Abby Goodnough (2015) who examines important gaps in the new healthcare reform. In particular, the author points out that there are people who earn too much money to be eligible for Medicaid, but at the same time, they do not have sufficient purchasing power to afford private insurance, even with the financial aid provided by the federal government (Goodnough, 2015). This situation can be explained by the fact that legislators did not fully consider the technical implementation of this reform. One should mention that Abby Goodnough does not provide much information about her professional background. Nevertheless, she has published a great number of articles about the work of the healthcare system. Thus, one can suppose that she understands the peculiarities of this topic and its complexities.

Overall, this discussion is important for understanding the problems which can be attributed to the implementation of a new policy. There are several important assumptions that are embedded in the arguments made by different authors. In particular, it is vital to focus on the needs of the most vulnerable people who can be exposed to various economic difficulties. Furthermore, the examples that have been provided indicate that bureaucratic problems and inefficiencies can undermine the outcomes of well-intended laws. Overall, it is possible to argue that the Affordable Care Act is critical for improving healthcare in the United States. In particular, it provided assistance to many people who could not previously afford medical services. Nevertheless, the limitations identified by these authors should not be overlooked. Thus, this critique is critical for improving the work of governmental institutions. These are the main details that can be distinguished.