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neuroscientific report

The assessment task involves writing a report on two published papers that present two different neuroscientific methods to study one and the same cognitive question.

Step 1:

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neuroscientific report
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Find two published papers that each use a different methodology (eg., fMRI, MRS, neuro stimulation, EEG/ MEG, TMS, TDCS) to approach the same cognitive question (eg., perception, attention, cognitive control, reading, decision making, language, consciousness etc. etc. ).
It would be best if the two papers you select employ more or less the same paradigm. For example, to study visual attention visual search is a commonly used paradigm; one paper might use EEG to study how observers select visual targets and ignore distractors whereas another paper uses TMS to address this same question.

Step 2: Write the report.

The report should include:
1) a summary of the topic, the cognitive question (approximately 250 words)
2) a brief summary of each of the two papers including discussion of the methodology, paradigm, hypotheses and results (2x 375 words)
3) a critical analysis and discussion of the benefits/ limitation of the two methodologies presented in the two papers. Note, this should not simply say, MRI has good spatial resolution and EEG good temporal resolution, but this part should be specific to the experiments, methods and results reported in two the two studies. In other words, do the results converge or not, can this be explained by differences in the experimental methods, and/ or differences in methodology? (500 words).