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Nux Vomica as a Homeopathic Pain Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are sold alongside pharmaceutical medications. Homeopathic treatments are more natural as they are based on various herbs, diet changes, and other kinds of activities that are aimed at the reestablishment of balance and health. The purpose of this paper was to select a homeopathic treatment recommended by the website that is focused on homeopathic remedies. I chose a set of symptoms which I tend to experience on a daily basis and selected the most effective remedy in the recommended grid. The paper presents a description of my personal experience with this remedy, as well as some additional information about its use that was found during research.


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Nux Vomica as a Homeopathic Pain Remedy
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Personal Experience

As can be seen in the grid attached below (see Fig. 1), the set of symptoms I selected for the assignment included eye pain during a headache, back pain, and anxiety that can be felt in the chest region the most. These are quite common symptoms that I experience on a regular basis. The remedy that was recommended as the most effective of the three symptoms was Nux vomica. This remedy represents an extract from dried seeds of a plant. Having read about this remedy, I realized that I had to be very careful with dosage as Nux vomica is highly toxic and also interacts with other drugs causing negative symptoms.

Having made sure that I was not one of the individuals who should avoid using this remedy, I purchased it in the homeopathic dilution form. I read the instruction to develop an appropriate treatment plan for myself. I had been taking it for a week two times a day half an hour before meals in the evening and morning. There was no immediate effect. Practically, on day 1, I took the remedy for eye pain during a headache and the symptoms did not go away. To be able to evaluate the effect correctly, I avoided taking any other kinds of medications for the pain. As a result, it took about five days for me to start noticing the change. The effect was quite weak and only made the pain less severe but did not take it away completely.

Research Information

There is little recent research concerning Nux vomica and its use as a pain remedy. Nux vomica is known to be a product of a plant with a similar name. This medicine is quite common in homeopathy and is usually used for such problems as allergies, back pain, headaches, anxiety, colds, and digestive issues (Natural Standard, 2016). Zhang et al. (2017) stated that several research studies found that nux vomica has anti-tumor, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an effective component of medications. Also, Maji and Banerji (2017) specified that even though the plant and its seeds are poisonous and highly toxic, its therapeutic properties are quite significant and require further research. In a study carried out by Behera, Mohanty, and Paramanik (2017), the authors noted a wide range of conditions and problems to which the therapeutic qualities of nux vomica can be applied. It turns out that the seeds can serve as almost a universal and multipurpose remedy. In this way, it is possible to make a conclusion that the remedy recommended by is recognized as effective and can be used for a variety of other issues and symptoms other than the ones included in this assignment.


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