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Older Adult Immunization Schedule

As it can be seen from the CDC’s website, the vaccinations recommended for adults who are older than 65 include influenza vaccine (one dose annually), td/tdap once and then a booster every 10 years, HZV (one dose), VAR (two doses), PCV13 and PPSV23 (one dose each). Other vaccines such as HepB, MenB, Hib, and MenACWY/MPSV4 are recommended only for those older adults who have particular medical conditions or other indications.

It should be noted, however, that the doses of the mentioned vaccines are different (e.g. HepB – three doses, MenB – two or three doses, etc.). There are no recommendations regarding such vaccines as MMR, HPV Female, and HPV Male. Although it seems clear to me why older adults are less likely to get an HPV vaccine, since it is usually ineffective if a person is 26 years old or older, I believe that older adults need to get information about this vaccine and the virus connected to it to be informed.

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Older Adult Immunization Schedule
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I believe that MMR should have been recommended for adults that are at risk of being exposed to measles if they live in such conditions that make this risk higher. I believe that seniors should be informed about the vaccine more precisely, although there is information about it in the footnotes that not everyone can read or notice.

Nevertheless, it appears that the table includes all the necessary vaccines for older adults, although it could have been expanded with additional explanations. For example, older adults might travel a lot if they can, and their travels can be dangerous if they do not have specific vaccines as, for instance, the yellow fever vaccine (HHS, 2016). The information about such vaccines should be included in the table as well.