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Optimizing Health assignment


You had done an outline for me. (below I put feedback from a professor) I need a rough draft written up for this. I am attaching the framework and also the rubric for this. Please,no copy and pasting since this is run through a plagerism portal.


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Optimizing Health assignment
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Great start Carolina – remember you also need to be using at least 3 multiple scholarly resources – but 5-10 would be much stronger.  Make sure you are very clear and obviously writing your thesis and paper around physical, emotional and social aspects of your health highlighting and discussing each individually.  Also, do make sure that you are up to date on APA paper formatting (title page, running head, in-text citations, reference page, etc.) Make sure you check out the resources to help you compete your paper with flying colors — especially check out the sample paper and APA style guide at these links:  and the Purdue Owl site at which provides all sorts of information on citing your work and giving credit to author’s ideas. Finally, as I’ve had a couple questions from others, remember that  you can write it in any person that feels best…but maybe think of it more as a research paper where you are the subject being studied — such that any change you suggest you need to “convince yourself” of why it’s important by backing up with cited research the change and its potential betterments and showing why not changing would be bad.