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Organizational Structure

In this assignment, you are asked to develop an academic essay of 3 – 4 pages in which you examine and critique an organizational structure. Using the information presented on p. 433 in Exhibit 15.1 discuss the organizational structure of the company where you work or the structure of another organization with which you are connected such as a community or church group.  Briefly describe the structure using the material presented in chapter 15 as support for your analysis.  Then go on to look at departmental chain of command, span of control, centralization/decentralization and formalization.  What is the strength of the structure you are describing?  If you can’t find a strength, discuss a weakness.

This assignment requires you to reference material from your text readings with your citations presented in accurate APA style.  Please review the Written Assignment Evaluation Rubric to determine how you will be evaluated.

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Organizational Structure
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