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Pain Treatment at Azul Wellness: Field Experience


I went to Azul Wellness because I had some lower back and neck pain. My friend had informed me that the wellness center has good chiropractors. I checked them online and saw good reviews by some of their clients and thus I decided to try them and see how they could handle my lower back and neck pain (Azul Wellness, 2018).

Main body

I was impressed when I got to Azul Wellness. The environment is therapeutic with inviting calmness and very hospitable attendants. My attendant, Jackline, had this permanent smile on her face, and she was highly accommodating. I could feel her energy, passion, and enthusiasm for the work she was doing. Settling on my chair, my eyes were drawn to a large image of the human spine hanging comfortably on the adjacent wall.

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Pain Treatment at Azul Wellness: Field Experience
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I shared with my attendant that I was experiencing some lower back and neck pains. She asked how long I had experienced the pains and I informed her that they had lasted for about 3 days after I was involved in a certain game with my friends over the weekend. She assured me that it was nothing serious as the body is supposed to respond in a certain way too strenuous activities.

I was told to lie on a small comfortable bench with my face down. I could feel Jackeline’s fingers prodding different parts of my back along the spine. She then said that I needed some chiropractic adjustment because my vertebra was misaligned, which underlined my lower back and neck pains. The process of aligning my vertebra was exciting as it is tingling. I could hear light popping sounds coming from different parts of my spine. By the time she was done, I felt better, and even though my lower back pain had not disappeared completely, I could tell the before and after difference. My neck pain was gone.

For my lower back pain, I was shown different techniques to manipulate my spine and drive the pain away. My favorite technique involved placing my two hands on a wall when in upright positions, and pushing my chest forward while maintaining the normal shape of my spine. In the other strategy, I would lie down on a foam roller on my back and move it up and down my spine as long as it did not hurt extremely.

I followed the recommendations given by my attendant for four days. Every day, I would roll on the foam for 10 minutes three times a day. I would also manipulate my spine using the first technique for about 5 minutes four times a day. I was also advised not to sit down for long, and thus I was supposed to walk around after every hour of continuous immobility.


I have seen significant results by following the recommendations given at the wellness center. As mentioned earlier, my neck pain was gone by the time I left the office. Similarly, my lower back pain disappeared within three days of foam rolling and spine manipulation. I now feel better. Even before my game that led me to the wellness center, I would experience some mild lower back pain every time I sat down for long. However, I now have a technique to deal with this problem by maintaining the right sitting posture and taking frequent walks after every hour of being seated.