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Periodic Table of Elements

Theodore Gray is an elements collector who has built an actual ‘table’ out of wood to house his elements collection (it does not fit, he has so many samples!)  He has also cataloged his entire element collection online with pictures, prices, descriptions, in some cases video and audio files. You can find his website here:

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Periodic Table of Elements
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You need to pick THREE elements you want to learn more about and tell me the following information for EACH of the three elements:


1 – Why you picked this element (it does not have to be profound.  It could be Krypton because you like Superman, or you could point at random).

2 – What the general properties of this element are (physical, chemical, etc.).

3 – Where this element can be found in nature. 

4 – Where this element can be found in man-made materials. 

5 – Which sample of this element from Theodore Gray’s collection is most interesting to you?  Why?


I want you to demonstrate that you have researched each element in detail, including drawing upon the knowledge you have gained from this course and any past courses. This is a college level class and therefore I expect a college level PowerPoint presentation (not to be orally delivered) including citations. With that in mind, I do not restrict you to a word or slide limit. I leave it up to you to determine the proper amount of information needed to make this a presentation you are satisfied with.


Wikipedia must not be used as a source!