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Philosophy of Nursing

Assignment 4: Philosophy of Nursing Scholarly Paper
Purpose of Assignment
This assignment aims to provide you with the opportunity to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing as it relates to your current nursing practice. We are looking for you to support your own personal philosophy by using scholarly references. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to developing your personal philosophy, as long as you can back it up with credible literature.

Science and Policy Alignment

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Philosophy of Nursing
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Assignment Guidelines
Include a title page, introduction, and conclusion; do not include an abstract.
Use a minimum of 5 scholarly references.
Consider the following prompts or questions to help guide the content of your paper as you articulate your own philosophy of nursing.
What are the key values and beliefs that are embedded in your philosophy of nursing?
Describe the philosophy of practice in your work environment (current or former) and which concepts, theories, and values guide nursing practice in that workplace?
How does your personal philosophy of nursing align with the values in your workplace?
Provide at least one clear and specific example of a situation where your nursing practice was guided by your philosophy of nursing.
Choose a nursing theory that you think fits best with your nursing practice or personal philosophy.
How do these concepts and theories help you think about your nursing practice?
Marking Criteria
Content of Paper
Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
The paper integrates material course references, and other scholarly sources including at least 5 peer-reviewed journals.
The paper demonstrates critical inquiry, analysis, and synthesis.
The paper is 8–10 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference list.
Scholarly Format of Paper
Keep within the page limit (8-10 pages).
Write clearly, using complete sentences and a scholarly tone.
Include accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Adhere to APA current edition for formatting, citation(s) and reference(s).