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Physics (Course Identification) Business Plans Examples

Mini Business Plan for Technical Project
This mini business plan is a project oriented, however, it could also be used to develop a general business strategy.
1. My line of business:
My business is oriented on local market and will be based on the Ardunio and Dockling techniques. It will provide a complete cycle: research, development of a technical solution and final tasting and installation. Me business strategy: innovation developed using open-source software.
2. I want to sell these products:

Prosecution of literature research according to the given topic
Writing of a project proposal and/or development of a general/detailed project plan
Programing works using Arduino for different operating system including Windows.
Tests of parts and ultimate circuitry
4. My costumers are:

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Physics (Course Identification) Business Plans Examples
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Small local businesses using light sensor technologies
Developers and manufacturers of interactive toys
Robot techniques developers
5. I will find and get in contact with my costumers this way:
We will search the national database of registered companies for potential customers by the field, get contacts. Afterwards a mail/letter will be send to the company followed by the phone call a couple of dayas later.

In-house presentations.
Participation in subject exhibitions, seminars and other events either as a speaker, or just a participant
Advertising in local newspapers.
6. I am different from my competitors in these ways:

Our service is low cost one as we are oriented on the free software.
High quality is a result of constant improvement and tutorials, as well as efficient control on every step of a project
We can call upon all the talents as recruit not only a full-time employees, but also a freelancer form the best universities and with wide experience

We do too find individual solutions with the simplest circuitry.
We are ready to make any changes in the project objectives free of charge if it does not mean any changes in the list of items to be ordered and less than 15% increase in the time needed

The extended notice guarantee of 3 years.
We except post-payment.
7. The three biggest resources I give my business:

Passion of real researcher from the best universities
Professional expertise in different
Connections within the best tutors in the field
Connections within the software developers
The competition in this field is tong, but objective
8. The five questions I most urgently need to answer:
1. What is the best project to choose as the representative one?
2. How to enter the item retailers network to get discounts and long-term contracts&
3. Is it useful to start own youtube channel to promote the business model&
4. What is the best way to recruit international specialists?
5. How fast can my buisness grow within a year?