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PICOT of Nursing Theory assignment help

I need help with the question below please. It is duet tonight 2/15/17.
In NR 500, you developed a PICOT question.  Select a nursing theory that you find useful in nursing practice.  Discuss each of the following selected elements of the PICOT format by applying your selected nursing theory to the element.  Be sure to include a scholarly reference.

  • Population/ Patient Problem: Consider how your selected nursing theory may guide you in selecting the population and/or patient problem
  • Intervention: Does your selected nursing theory identify a possible intervention? If not, how is your selected intervention consist with your selected nursing theory?
  • Outcome: How would the outcome of your PICOT study contribute to your selected nursing theory? Would it add new information? Would it confirm some part of the theory?

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PICOT of Nursing Theory assignment help
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