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Professionalism in Nursing Essay

In a two page paper, answer each of the following questions in one paragraph or more. Questions must be answered completely.

1. What is Professionalism?

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Professionalism in Nursing Essay
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2. Does professionalism matter?

3. How is professionalism judged?

4. What is your individual responsibility in regards to professionalism?

5. Unprofessionalism can have serious implications. Please provide two examples of unprofessional behavior.

This assignment is related to a Nursing class, so while the essay should be generally about professionalism, you can relate the examples in No. 5 to the nursing profession.

Please adhere to APA (American Psychological Association) format, using “your own” ideas, paraphrasing additional information with no direct quotes.

Times New Roman, size 12.

All references used should be appropriately cited on a separate page, also in APA (American Psychological Association) format.