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PSYC 398 SU Global Aphasia Affecting an Individual Daily Life Essay

An abstract summarizing the entire paper.

An introduction discussing  what the topic is, what your questions are, outline of what you are planning to review (for example,  evidence for or against) and hypotheses.

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PSYC 398 SU Global Aphasia Affecting an Individual Daily Life Essay
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Summaries with extensive critiques of the studies/sources  and addressing how they relate to your main question(s) and comparison of the studies’ findings

conclusion summarizing similar finding and contradictions in your sources, limitations in the  studies/sources, how your study connects with ideas from the class or psychology in general, your ideas  for future research on this topic. 

Kiara Martin PYSC 398-02

April 21, 2022





Proposal for Research paper Global Aphasia


Global Aphasia is one of several types of aphasia. It is also the most severe type of aphasia. People affected by this disorder have damage to extensive portions of the brain which controls language. They are only able to produce and understand a few words. Sometimes they cannot read or write. However, aphasia is often caused by a head injury that may later develop into brain tumors, strokes, or neurological diseases.

Main questions

  1. How does Global aphasia affect someone’s daily life?
  2. What treatments are available for this type of aphasia?



  • This study is to find new methods in speech and language development that can improve the life of people affected by global




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