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Purpose for Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering

Growing up in Somali as a child was fascinating; my friends and I had one desire, to learn extensively. Nevertheless, this was not to be as our country immediately plunged into a civil war that was to see hopes of many young people vanish within the thin air. What remained, and of urgency was to seek safety and that led us to Kenya as refugees. Life was horrible, the overcrowded with limited facilities and people dying due to lack of doctors and medicine pained me a lot.

Sadly, almost my entire childhood when I was supposed to be in school, was spent in the camp and the only ‘classroom’ available was the acacia tree with only one untrained teacher who taught all the classes. My spirit did not give up I became more determined to learn more and it was a surprise when the UNHCR awarded me a scholarship to study secondary education in Kenya. It was while in secondary that my passion for sciences developed much. The fascinating nature of sciences and their role in changing and bringing solutions to society enslaved me. I looked at my people in the camp and imagined how mastery of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics could help in changing their status as people who had been ravaged by diseases. I worked hard, always reading science books, novels, and even magazine articles that contained science solutions to common problems in society.

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Purpose for Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering
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I came to the USA in 2004 with little knowledge of English proficiency but my process of learning was fast and accommodative. Immediately, I was enrolled at Columbus state community college where my studies were for instances disrupted by situations that were taking place in my life. This resulted in failing two classes for one quarter. But I did not get discouraged. Thereafter I transferred to Ohio State University and enrolled for a degree in Chemical engineering. My long journey of exploring, discovering, and impacting the science world had just begun. While an undergraduate student at Ohio State University, I worked full-time to help my poor parents back at home and also for my expenses but I never gave up learning and studying science. My desire to pursue Chemical engineering was ignited by my desire to develop technological knowledge that would benefit my community and also my curiosity about how science can transform lives and Chemical engineering became largely a field of gaining fundamental knowledge about a substance and being able to use that knowledge to synthesize a solution to a vital medical, mechanical or societal need. For instance, I was attracted to organic chemistry, molecular transformation, analytical chemistry, and biochemical processes. At the same time, I undertook numerous researches in these areas, which studied topics like the biology of cell proliferation and application of polymer technology under the supervision of Dr. Hughes and which have equipped me adequately for any future research work in the areas.

I have chosen your University for my graduate studies in Chemical engineering because of several factors. First, it has one of the best instructors in my area of interest which is bioengineering, process system engineering, and membrane separation. These are the areas I believe will equip me with the necessary skills of technological innovations and which will enable me to help my people. Secondly, your department prides itself as one of the best in the nation to have effective and excellent facilities for research which has motivated me to choose your university for my graduate studies (Anonymous, N.d). Lastly, the kind of exposure I will experience in your university is incomparable; your university constitutes students from all cultures, nationalities, religions, and ideology and exposure to such enormous influence will help me in my future undertakings with people of diverse backgrounds.

Therefore, I request your office to consider my application and grant me this opportunity which I will use to empower society at large.


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Application for Readmission