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Respiratory and Endocrine Systems

Question 1 (5 points)


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Respiratory and Endocrine Systems
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A patient who has hypoglycemia can have common symptoms that include

Question 1 options:

a) a cough.


b) lymphedema.


c) dry palms.


d) nervousness.




Question 2 (5 points)


Oxygen passes through capillary walls and into the interstitial space, where cells absorb

Question 2 options:

a) nitrogen.


b) metabolic waste.


c) carbon dioxide.


d) oxygen.














Question 3 (5 points)


A patient treated for a severe allergy-associated airway obstruction can use ______ as an emergency drug.

Question 3 options:

a) epinephrine


b) Cipro


c) piperacillin


d) Keflex






Question 4 (5 points)


The lower respiratory system includes the

Question 4 options:

a) larynx.


b) pharynx.


c) esophagus.


d) lungs.












Question 5 (5 points)


Luteinizing hormones stimulate the

Question 5 options:

a) gonads to develop.


b) production of gametes.


c) ovaries to secrete estrogen.


d) secretion of sex hormones.





Question 6 (5 points)


_______ are medications typically used to relieve excessive mucus in nasal pathways.

Question 6 options:

a) Radioactive isotopes


b) Decongestants


c) Expectorants


d) Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories






Question 7 (5 points)


_______ stimulate(s) milk production after childbirth.

Question 7 options:

a) MSH


b) Prolactin


c) Luteinizing hormones


d) Follicle-stimulating hormones




Question 8 (5 points)


The respiratory system includes the

Question 8 options:

a) intestines.


b) liver.


c) pharynx.


d) pituitary gland.








Question 9 (5 points)


_______ is a commonly used oral medication for type 2 diabetes.

Question 9 options:

a) Metformin


b) Methimazole


c) Levothyroxine


d) Aspirin



Question 10 (5 points)


_______ is used to treat hyperthyroidism.

Question 10 options:

a) Metformin


b) Glipizide


c) Levothyroxine


d) Methimazole








Question 11 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

Which of the following are treatments for symptoms of the common cold?

Question 11 options:

a) Zinc


b) Vitamin E


c) Vitamin C


d) Eucalyptus



Question 12 (5 points)


Match the generic version of each of the following antibiotics used to treat pneumonia to its correct brand name.

Question 12 options:

1234 Moxifloxacin
1234 Cefdinir
1234 Doxycycline
1234 Vancomycin


1. Omnicef
2. Avelox
3. Minocin
4. Vancocin




Question 13 (5 points)


Match each of the following medications with what it’s typically used for.

Question 13 options:

1234 Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)
1234 Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
1234 Loratadine (Claritin)
1234 Benzonatate (Tessalon)


1. Used to dry excessive mucus and open up the nasal passageway
2. Used to treat symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and sore throat
3. Used to suppress the urge to cough
4. Used to treat symptoms of body pain, lethargy, and fever
















Question 14 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

Which of the following are commonly used oral medications for treating type 2 diabetes?

Question 14 options:

a) Lantus


b) Actos


c) Starlix


d) Prandin


e) Novolog
















Question 15 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

Common symptoms of hyperthyroidism include

Question 15 options:

a) Palpitations


b) Mental and physical sluggishness


c) Tremors or shakiness


d) Insomnia


e) Obesity
















Question 16 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

Which of the following are types of insulin?

Question 16 options:

a) Micronase


b) Humalog 70/30


c) Humulin R


d) Novolin N


e) Amaryl
















Question 17 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

Which of the following corticosteroids are available in oral/injectable forms?

Question 17 options:

a) Mometasone


b) Prednisone


c) Budesonide


d) Dexamethasone

















Question 18 (5 points)


Match each of the following brand name cough medications with its correct generic name.

Question 18 options:

1234 Delsym
1234 Robitussin
1234 Tessalon
1234 Phenergan


1. Dextromethorphan
2. Guaifenesin
3. Benzonatate
4. Promethazine



















Question 19 (5 points)


Choose all options that apply.

The main drugs used to treat bronchoconstriction include

Question 19 options:

a) Tiotropium


b) Linezolid


c) Cholinergic antagonists


d) β-agonists


e) Inhaled corticosteroids

















Question 20 (5 points)


Match each of the following generic antihistamines with its correct brand name.

Question 20 options:

1234 Cetirizine
1234 Diphenhydramine
1234 Hydroxyzine
1234 Desloratadine


1. Vistaril
2. Benadryl
3. Clarinex
4. Zyrtec