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Sexually Transmitted Disease Assignment Paper

The article, ‘Behavioral interventions to promote condom use among women living with HIV,’ by Carvalho et al. (2011) aimed to establish effective behavioral interventions that guide healthy behavior among individuals with HIV. The study advocated for combined regimes where counseling was part. There are various perspectives from which the quality of evidence can be examined, according to Hickey and Brosnan (2012). These perspectives largely contribute to the classification of the evidence. In this article by Carvalho et al. (2011), analysis of articles was limited to RCTs; hence, assuring the quality of its evidence at level I. In addition, the GRADE system was used to affirm the quality of evidence. This evidence is significant because it includes health education and counseling as interventions considered for review. In addition, this evidence helps to inform future researchers, decision-makers, and policy-makers about effective behavioral interventions that can be used in similar contexts like in this project.

The second article, ‘Effective communication of risks to young adults: Using message framing and visual aids to increase condom and STD screening,’ by Garcia-Retamero and Cokely (2011), delved deeper into the manner of message framing that could influence individuals’ perceptions and attitudes. The quality of evidence from this article is high at level II since it is a randomized trial that aims to compare two interventions. This article is important for decision-makers because it uniquely specifies the manner in which messages should be structured. The article indicates that specific message framing yield particular results. According to this article, the use of gain-framed messages had a greater impact on increased condom use than loss-framed messages. Thus, my project will relay information meant to indicate the benefits of embracing healthy behavior and not that which indicated the negative outcomes associated with poor sexual behavior.

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Sexually Transmitted Disease Assignment Paper
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Both articles are relevant to change because they give insight into the most effective interventions in promoting healthy sexual behavior. Asa result, healthcare workers can utilize evidence-based approaches in promoting healthy sexual behavior that is imperative in reducing the prevalence rates of chlamydia.


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