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similarities and differences former British colonies that continue to use common law

Choose two former British colonies that continue to use common law as their basis in criminal lower courts (not appeals courts, but the courts that decide guilt/innocent). Compare and contrast the major similarities and differences. What explains these differences?
You should address the topic in 3 – 4 pages (at least 9 paragraphs) in which you cite two things from the lecture, two from the assigned readings, and three from outside sources.

#1 – Cite two things from the lecture: These citations must be conceptual or theoretical, not factual – eg, you cite ways in which common law differs from civil law; you do not quote Hammurabi’s code. I mean, you can quote Hammurabi or maybe a written definition from the slides, but that would be in addition to the two concepts or theories discussed. Just show me you understand at least two concepts from the lecture.

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similarities and differences former British colonies that continue to use common law
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#2 – Cite two from the assigned readings: These citations from the assigned readings are found in the current module. Like the lecture, this is to show me you understand the readings and are able to apply them. Like the above, these citations must be conceptual or theoretical.

#3 – Cite three from outside sources: These citations from outside readings printed in peer-reviewed journals, academic presses, or executive level publications. Law journals do not count. At this point, you should know what a peer-reviewed journal is. By academic presses I mean white papers, books, or chapters in books published by universities or university presses intended for other academics (ie, not for general consumption). By executive-level publications I mean government or other reports meant for executive-level practitioners in the field, and not for general consumption.

Assigned Reading:
•    **The Myth of Common Law Crimes (PDF)
•    Pakes French and English Criminal Courts (PDF)
•    Kagan Adversarial Legalism (PDF)
•    Lecture Video/Transcript
•    HLS Library Book Talk | Felony and the Guilty Mind in Medieval England – YouTube
•    https://

–    Must document any information used from sources in APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA: Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.)
–    Use transition words
–    Provide an Introduction and conclusion paragraph
–    Follow the above instructions