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Social and Cultural Diversity Paper Outline Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to have you think through the different parts of this major paper and identify the specific things that you will cover. The introductory and concluding paragraphs should be fully written out. The Main Body Content section of the outline should include each topic in the instructions along with a few bullet points that specifically identify how you will address each question. Do not type onto this assignment sheet. Create your own outline providing the information described below. The instructions for this paper contain a link to a website that describes how to develop and write outlines. Any type of outline format may be used. The one below is only one possible format.

An introductory paragraph is needed. Please write this out in paragraph form. Introduce the topic of social and cultural diversity, provide a referenced definition of cultural diversity, include a thesis statement.
Main Body Content
Personal Reflection
My bias (identify YOUR bias for this bullet point)
My experiences of discrimination and cultural background
Life experiences affecting relationships to those different (be sure to explain the point you will make about how your experiences in sections b are related to your bias in section A.
Racism and Discrimination
How racism and discrimination may affect how one provides care to others
How racism and discrimination may affect how one receives care from others
Multicultural Competence
Provide at least two to four bullet points of reasons for differences in perceptions and values within the same ethnic group (For example, why would one Caucasian family have significantly different perceptions and values than another Caucasian family? The directions say that you need to be specific.)
Communication style differences
Strategies to build rapport and example
Resources to inform about cultural diversity, including ones to dispel the specific bias you identified in the personal reflection section
Cultural sensitivity in professional practice
Ways to apply learning
Self-Care for Providers
Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Define and identify symptoms
Importance of Self-Care plan
Strategies to mitigate burnout
Why you selected the strategies
Write out your concluding paragraph for this paper. The concluding paragraph needs to summarize the main points that you plan to make in the paper. It should also draw a conclusion that relates back to the thesis statement in your introduction.

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Social and Cultural Diversity Paper Outline Instructions
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Things to keep in mind as you move from the outline to the paper:
Once the outline is set up, you should start working to find scholarly articles that you can use to support the points that you want to make in the paper. A bibliography of those articles is due at the end of Topic 5.
This paper has a word limit of 1,500-1,700 words. It will be important that everything you write, including your stories of personal experiences, be succinct and to the point.