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A self-portrait of my strengths? This should be a comprehensive self-portrait based on the feedback. This should be written after you have completed all sections and it should be a summary of feedback and other factors. Consider your strengths in a multicultural world. (150 words minimum) Feel free to add visual elements.


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How do I perform? Describe the time when you felt you performed the best. What factors contributed to the performance? (150 words minimum)


What is my style or culture? (The article is dated in regards to this item.) Describe the cultural group you belong to. This could be race/ethnicity/gender spectrum, or whatever you feel you personally identify with. What values or practices is it important for you to retain? (150 words minimum) (I am from DR Congo) write about Congolese culture


How do I learn?`Lifelong learning is mandatory as technology continues to replace jobs. How can you be a lifelong learner? Describe an example of when you were able to learn a subject well. What habits do you have to instill to learn all your life? (150 words minimum)


What are my values? Refer to the VIA values exercise. What are your top five values? Do you agree that these are values that you live by? Does it agree with the feedback you got? What do you do to strengthen your values?) (150 words minimum)


Where do I belong? Design the job that matches your best self. Describe the work environment where you would thrive. Industry? Type of team? Type of work? Type of mentor?) (150 words minimum)


What can I contribute? Describe how you can contribute to the world in the future. Do not speak in traits or generalities like “be a good person” or “do charitable work”. Come up with a specific plan or name organizations that you will belong to and contribute to. Explain why.) (150 words minimum)